Welcome to The Grace Place Church in Arlington, TX

Our people desire to live up to our name. Our hope is to truly BECOME a place of grace. Grace is extending unmerited love and favor. Our goal is to be a refuge for the hurting. At our church, you can expect to be loved unconditionally. This is a loving place. A safe place. An accepting place. A place where caring people care for people. There's a place for you here!



Words from Pastor Benson

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Senior Pastor Mike & Dawn Benson.  


Let’s Do Something Great 

In Mark Chapter 2 four men decide to do something great!  They would load their paralyzed friend on a stretcher, take him to where Jesus was and watch Jesus heal him.

There were 4 things that were needed in order to do something great for this paralytic.

The first thing needed was a cause.  Their paralyzed friend was their cause.  The second thing needed was a cast.  It would take 4 men to get this man to Jesus.  The next thing needed was cooperation.  Each of these 4 men must take their place and carry their part of the load.  The last thing needed was commitment.  They must not quit when the load became heavy.  They must be willing to endure hardships and persevere through unforeseen obstacles.

Because these 4 men were willing to do these 4 things, they played a significant part in something great happening in the life of the paralytic. 

And so it is with us at THE GRACE PLACE.  We are part of something great!!

Our cause is the 3 plus billion people who have never heard about Jesus.  As a missions sending church, we are a part of the cast that God is assembling for the end time harvest.  As we cooperate together by pooling our resources and placing them into the hands of willing missionaries, as we commit for the long haul and continue to chip away at our long range goal of giving on million dollars to missions in a 5 year time frame, together we can be a part of something great!

My desire is to see the finger prints of THE GRACE PLACE all over the world, to see evidence that our church has had an impact on our world.

How about it, will you join me?  Will you be a part of something great?